About Us

Newly established in 2013, Saatchi has been determined to delivering the most trendy and inspirational jewelry and accessories for women, men and our lovely companions….our pets. We contribute 10% of net proceeds to charitable organizations in order to make a meaningful impact in our communities and lives.


“You may have noticed that a lot of our jewelry are inspirational in some (no pun intended) fashion.   I grew up with a lack of positive role models, but I always had inspirational items around me to encourage me through the rough patches in life especially when the love of my life, my Dad, died of sickle cell.  So this is a perfect opportunity to marry my loves….fashion and philanthropy.  I am a huge proponent for empowering, inspiring and educating our community…. especially our youth.  Both my husband Charles and I have an initiative to create a working structure for advancing wellness, preserving culture and empowering women, men and children. These are causes that mean the world to us.

I have to say it is so rewarding to take my time and money to support worthy organizations that actually make a difference in our communities.  Below are organizations that I have personally been involved with and look forward to further provide support with a portion of profit from www.shopSAATCHI.com.  

You or someone in your life may have been involved in one or more of the organizations.  As we grow, we hope to increase our contributions…in essence to make a tremendous difference.   I have been a recipient or have been involved in the following organizations and I can attest to their impact on individuals.   I encourage you to take a step further to volunteer or make a charitable contribution to any or all the following non-profit organizations.  Enjoy your shopping experience and please make a difference in our communities!!  Many blessings to you and your families.”


~Giselle Saatchi

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  • Susan G Komen Cancer Foundation


  • Sickle Cell Disease Association of America


  • Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) 


  • Dress for Success 


  • LEAP Foundation





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